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QNAP TS-409U frequently disconnected from LAN

posted 9 Mar 2009, 07:52 by Aaron Leung   [ updated 3 Jun 2009, 17:09 by Aaron Leung ]
Setting up a QNAP TS-409U Turbo NAS on a suspected unstable LAN had costed me almost a week of sleepless nights. It got disconnected from the LAN frequently for unknown reasons. Had tried connecting the QNAP to several different LAN points on the network switch but the results were the same. Also had tried setting up the Windows workgroup on QNAP to match with another stable NAS on the network and it didn't work either.

The problem was eventually resolved but I did the last two things in one setting so wouldn't be able to tell which was the real fix. Probably a combination of both!

Well I don't think I would like to find out myself as the QNAP is working fine now. Perhaps some brave souls can try these one at a time and let me know the results. :)
  1. Swap the QNAP LAN point with another stable NAS's
  2. Setup ActiveDirectory settings on QNAP