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Need help on your computer equipment? We are just a phone call away!

"What? Your company doesn't support Mac!"

"My computer keeps restarting itself! What should I do?"
"I can't turn on my computer... Is it the display or the CPU?"
"My computer is still under warranty but the technical support is just too technical for me to follow..."
"I can't print but the technical support of my computer said it's the printer's problem, while the printer's technical support said it's the computer's. Geez I'm stuck!"
"My computer has been doing strange things. Is it virus or what? Will I lose all my data?"
"I don't have time to take my computer to the service centre but I need to get it fixed..."
"My Internet connection is so slow and unstable but my ISP said the problem is either with my computer or wireless router. Is that so?"

Do these questions sound oh-so-familiar? Well, you are not alone – if you have asked similar ones!

Little Wing Technologies understand how frustrating it is when such things happen. So we take your frustrations and turn them into solutions! Your satisfaction, our biggest reward. You can tell from our clients' words that customer satisfaction is alive and well at Little Wing Technologies.

Working together with our vendors and partners, we are able to deliver a wide range of IT services to suit your needs. That is why we have very happy clients ranging from home users to MNCs, from law firms to interior designers.

We do not charge for phone or email consultations.

Call +65 81287601 or email if and when you need any IT help. We are highly trained and devoted to our cause. Our rapid-response will help you lead a tech glitch-free life!